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 David Pruden 


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Copyright 2020

"Intimate Landscapes"

I have always been drawn to images of people. When I started thinking about this project, I wanted my photographs to be about the individual. What happens when you strip away all of the props, locations, settings, and preconceptions? You are left with a person. How can I show something about the model through my pictures? I engaged in a dialogue throughout the shoots. I did not have any preconceived poses, references to art or stories I was trying to tell. The work is about portraiture, the body as portraiture, the landscape of the body, and diversity. I took the pictures over a period of 11 months working with 26 models. I chose 3 to 4 photo-graphs per model from the over 3500 images taken. The individuals come from diverse backgrounds and rep-resent a similar demographic of San Francisco and ranged in age from 18 to 68.


13.75" X 20.75" archival pigment prints on 17" x 22" gloss paper. $300 each unframed. A limited number of books are still available for $30